Welcome Home, Stan Lau

With the experience Stan Lau gained from his time away, he founded Hawaii Tech Support and is providing more opportunities for kama`aina to come home. He’s HIRING! Stay tuned to this blog for more opportunities to come home! Stan grew up in Pearl City, graduated from Pearl City High School and took a gap year […]

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Welcome Home, Sean McCormick

Despite people telling him that it would be really hard to move back to Hawaii, Sean McCormick had made up his mind to return so his daughter would grow up surrounded by relatives. In the process, he discovered that there ARE opportunities in Hawaii and found an interesting job he’s passionate about. Don’t believe the […]

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Welcome home, Dean Uehara

Welcome Home, Dean Uehara After 30 years on the East Coast, Dean Uehara would’ve been content working any job to get back home to aloha shirts and rubber slippers. He didn’t expect to find many opportunities designing custom integrated circuit boards like he had been doing in Maryland.  But the electrons on the circuit board’s […]

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Welcome Home, Eric Heenan

After being away for 20 years, Eric Heenan has returned home and is using his international network to help grow Hawaii’s tech workforce. Eric was born in White Plains, NY, moved to Hawaii when he was 1 year old, and knew he wanted to live in Japan from the time he first visited during a […]

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Welcome home, Meli James

Is Meli James an anomaly, or is she the sign of the growing momentum of the tech and innovation ecosystem? So many of the other amazing people featured on this blog have come back for the usual reasons, take care of parents, raise your kids, or both. But Meli came back from Silicon Valley because […]

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Welcome Home, Russel Cheng

If you know Russel, he is a 200 mile/minute person that doesn’t slow down. My hour conversation with him was exhausting and one of the hardest ones to boil down, considering all he’s accomplished! Russel left Hawaii to travel in Asia after school and the experience opened his eyes to the enormous possibilities abroad. Now […]

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Welcome home, Shirley Gines

When Shirley came home to find Hawaii’s burgeoning tech ecosystem, she knew she had to put her PR skills to use and help put Hawaii on the map like her first company did for Silicon Valley! Shirley Gines was born in the Philippines and moved to Hawaii when she was seven. She grew up in […]

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Welcome home, Terry Allen

After college, Terry experienced the Hawaii Paradox – to stay in Hawaii meant he had to leave. Years later, when he returned to Hawaii, it all made sense.  The knowledge and experience he gained while working abroad has allowed him to make his living here. Terry Allen moved to Hawaii from Virginia as a teenager, […]

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Welcome home, Clay Wakano

”Ask not what Hawaii can do for you, ask what you can do for Hawaii.” For Clay, the answer was the key to his successful return home. Clay Wakano is proudly FBI, From Big Island. He attended Waiakea High School and UH Manoa where he received his Masters and PhD in Microbiology. He then went […]

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Welcome home, Jeff Hong

“The place you call your home is different than a place you live to work.”  Like many of us who grew up in the islands, Hawaii has always been home for Jeff. Jeff Hong grew up in Hawaii Kai and attended Kaiser High School. He graduated from Harvey Mudd University with a bachelor’s degree in […]

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