Welcome home, Rex Jakobovits

I haven’t blogged since my days as a new mommy but I’m jumping once more into the blogosphere, fueled by a new mission: bringing kama`aina back home.  This blog will share awesome stories of kamaaina who’ve made the journey home and are making it work in Hawaii.

Civil Beat has an entire section on how tough it is to make it in Hawaii, called Living Hawaii. Maybe they should call it “Leaving Hawaii” because it almost makes ME want to leave. To counter all that negativity, I’m going to open source the blueprints to achieving success in Hawaii.

The world is getting flatter every day and technology has made Hawaii much less isolated and starting a business much easier. People are starting innovative companies, or working remotely from one of the best places to live.

This is the journey of Rex Jakobovits, founder of Experiad Solutions, a provider of innovative autism therapy software solutions for data and research management. It took 20 years, but he made his way back to Hawaii and here’s how he did it.

“when you are working for yourself and you are pouring your life energy into it, it multiplies… there’s nothing like it, especially when you start to get success”

If any of these stories can inspire one kama`aina to come back home, this blog has done its job.

Podcast music by Yeyey. 

Do you have a story you’d like to share? I want to hear it. Drop me a line at cindy@htdc.org.


Rex sent me this photo that shares why Hawaii is the best place to live and work.

Dr. Jakobovits grew up in Hawaii, went to public school and started his undergraduate at University of Hawaii. He is currently the President of Experiad Solutions, a Honolulu startup that is developing new software for behavioral therapy. He is a Research Affiliate with the University of Washington Autism Center.  His prior venture, Vivalog Technologies, was sold to McKesson in 2008. His favorite thing to do is swim in the ocean, everyday if he can.


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