Welcome home, Jen & Chip Ho

You CAN have your malasada and eat it too! For almost 10 years, Jen and Chip Ho have been happily living in Hawaii while successfully working remotely for Cisco.

Both Jen and Chip moved to Hawaii as children. Jen attended Kalani HS and Chip attended Mid Pacific. Chip was a biology and premed major when he got hooked on computers. It consumed him so much that he left his premed program and moved to San Jose, CA to work in IT. It wasn’t long before Jen joined him at Cisco.

Once they had their daughter, like many other expats, moving home became a priority.  They wanted her to experience growing up in Hawaii, surrounded by extended family. The decision was easy to make, but hard to execute. It took patience and sacrifice. Knowing they eventually wanted to move back to Hawaii, they turned down a great opportunity with Cisco to move to a city with a far lower cost of living to stay mentally/financially prepared for Hawaii. When Chip’s grandma needed some extra help back home, they knew it was time. Luckily, their managers at Cisco agreed that family comes first. They also knew that Jen and Chip were both independent hard workers, letting them trial remote working. Almost 10 years later, Jen and Chip have proven to be valuable Cisco team members AND are raising their daughter in Hawaii. Jen and Chip are amazing people who work really hard. They are the kind of people that make opportunities happen, and get to eat their malasada too.

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Live, Work, Play. Hawaii is hands down, one of the best places to live and play. Remote work is a growing opportunity for expats to return home. Jen and Chip took advantage of the strong reputation they built working in-person for several years before going remote. They also do a lot to make it work!

BTW, I loved reading about another 8 kamaaina who have moved back home to Hawaii! Let’s celebrate!

Do you have a story you’d like to share? I want to hear it. Drop me a line at cindy@htdc.org.


This is the Ho family, animals and all. And family is why Hawaii is the best place to live and work.

Jen and Chip, born in Canada and Virginia, respectively, grew up in Hawaii and attended the University of Hawaii, where they met. Jen has moved within and been promoted at Cisco (even as a remote worker!) and is currently a Business Critical Communications Manager. Chip is currently a Cisco Information Security Investigator.


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