Welcome home, Aaron Cullen

Letting go of the thought of “making so much more money” was the first step in Aaron’s journey back to Hawaii. Now that he’s here, he knows it was absolutely the right decision. Aaron Cullen was born and raised in Wahiawa, Central Oahu. He attended Ka`ala elementary, Wahiawa Middle and Kamehameha Schools for high school. […]

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Welcome home, Ian Kitajima

Like the moon faithfully pulls the tides, Hawaii pulled Ian back and let him go, and brought him back again. On his journey, he started several companies, both in Hawaii and on the mainland. It was love and an epiphany that would eventually bring him back to Hawaii to stay. Ian Kitajima grew up on […]

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Welcome home, Jen & Chip Ho

You CAN have your malasada and eat it too! For almost 10 years, Jen and Chip Ho have been happily living in Hawaii while successfully working remotely for Cisco. Both Jen and Chip moved to Hawaii as children. Jen attended Kalani HS and Chip attended Mid Pacific. Chip was a biology and premed major when […]

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Welcome home, Jackie Wijaya

Move first, then figure the rest out. It’s no surprise that a young software developer might take an “agile” approach to relocating without a job or a plan. After all, they are taught to minimize up-front planning and instead rely on frequent testing and quick adaptation.  When Jackie decided to move back to Hawaii, she […]

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Welcome home, Brian Dote

Friends, family, and local food.  The 3 Fs are typical reasons for kamaaina to move back home to Hawaii. But, having his daughter see Grandma’s smile only once a year caused a different F to drive Brian Dote to make the move back to Hawaii…fricken lame. Brian grew up in Waipahu, went to the University […]

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Welcome home, Aaron Fujimoto

Some kamaaina abroad may be afraid that there are no relevant jobs to come home to. I’m hoping these homecoming stories will help ease their fears. Sometimes one right move is all is takes. Take Aaron Fujimoto, a Kauai native with engineering degrees from UH and UCLA. When living in California, Aaron knew he wanted to […]

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Welcome home, Rex Jakobovits

I haven’t blogged since my days as a new mommy but I’m jumping once more into the blogosphere, fueled by a new mission: bringing kama`aina back home.  This blog will share awesome stories of kamaaina who’ve made the journey home and are making it work in Hawaii. Civil Beat has an entire section on how tough it […]

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